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By entering this tournament, I have read and agree to be bound by the Denali Myriad Tournament rules. I hereby release and hold harmless all other contestants, sponsors, and tournament officials from all claims for personal injuries, lost or stolen property and/or damages incurred in connection with my participation in the Denali Myriad Tournament. I acknowledge that my personal safety and the safety of my property are my sole responsibility. I am aware that risks and dangerous conditions are associated with boating and participation in fishing tournaments and I release all aforementioned persons from any duty to warn me of existence of such risks or conditions. I understand and agree that the Denali Myriad Tournament reserves the right to refuse my entry and refund my fee for any reason. I understand and agree that the Denali Myriad Tournament reserves the right to not allow my continued participation in the Denali Myriad Tournament for any reason. I agree and consent to undergo a polygraph test, if requested, and if the test reveals any untruthfulness or violation of the rules, I understand that this will result in my forfeiting all fees and awards from the event entered and will preclude participation in any future Denali Fishing events. I understand that refusal to submit to the polygraph test will result in an automatic disqualification. I grant the Denali Myriad Tournament and its sponsors the rights to any photographic image taken during my participation in the tournament. I have read and understand the above agreement.


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